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Cytoberfest 2018 Fall Beer List

Tailgate season is usually filled with light beer and mixed drinks, but here are some craft brews and one crappy beer that you need to try this fall.

Bringing you Oktoberfest in the form of Cyclone Nation, it’s Cytoberfest!

We all get excited about football this time of year. And whether you are drinking in the lots outside Jack Trice or in the comfort of your own home with the changing Autumn Blaze right outside your window, there is always the opportunity to drink a beer, or 10, or multiplied by 10.

Here is a compilation of the top 10 beers you NEED to try this fall. Each one of these beers has been carefully tested by a reliable source with a high recommendation. Enjoy one or all of these beers this tailgate season! Don’t forget to listen to WRNL Tailgate playlist on Spotify to complete your life.

Bust out the lederhosen/drindl/ISU overalls and enjoy the best time of the year! Football, beer, and cooler weather!

1). West O WestOFest; 5%

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t kick this list off this one of our own. West O Beer is based out of West Okoboji. If you haven’t been here, you need to check it out. Okoboji in general is a fantastic vacation destination. This is West O’s fall seasonal, and it’s fantastic. This is the famous Marzen style we all relate to Oktoberfest beers. It has the copper color and carmel aromas that are of fall in Iowa. Must have for this football season!

2. O’Fallon Vanilla Pumpkin; ABV 5.5%

Absolutely ridiculous. If you have had O’Fallon’s pumpkin beer, you will love this one. With that hint of nutmeg and vanilla it is sure to make you think pumpkin and ice cream. It is hard to find around here, so get it if you see it!

3) Traveler Jack O Pumpkin Shandy; ABV 4.4%

For those who can’t give the shandies solely to the summer. Here’s yours. As compared to many of these others on this list, this one is a bit different, yet still good. It is a wheat beer that has a citrusy, fall spice flavor with a dark hue. Don’t give the shandies just to the summer!

4) Founders Backwoods Bastard; ABV 11.2%

FULL BELLY BEER!!! Founders loves their bastards. We all know the Dirty Bastard, and Backwoods fits right there. If the ABV doesn’t scare you, the 348 calories might! But that is why you walk to the cooler, folks. It is aged in bourbon barrels with hints of vanilla and caramel. No need for supper with this one.

5) Samuel Adams Black Lager; ABV 4.9%

Find this exclusively in their Beers of Fall sampler pack. There are many flavors with this one. Up front you get a rich chocolatey malts followed by molasses and a sweet smoky taste at the end.

6) Iowa Brewing Company Maple Fest Lager; 5.7%

Coming to you from Eastern Iowa, Iowa Brewing Company brings you a Marzen style beer perfect for grilling under the changing leaves with a cool breeze. It is infused with real Maple Syrup collected from Indian Creek nature center. Although made with maple syrup, it has the Marzen flavor of an Oktoberfest-like brew. Definitely give this a try. Wonderful. Can’t wait for more!


7) Harpoon Flannel Friday; ABV 5.7%

Fall cannot be complete without flannel. And this red ale completes the fall vibes. This is a medium bodied beer that has a citrusy flavor followed by a hoppy pine taste. Personally, I don’t care a lot for red ales, but this came as a high recommendation from a friend. Have a great Flannel Friday!

8) Founders Rubaeus; 5.7%

Gettin’ fruity here, all! With an interest in fruity beers, I did some digging and a few professional interviews and this one came up a few times. Can be found most places. It’s a great cookout beer and available year round. Canned or bottled, there is a clear raspberry flavor that is tart, yet refreshing.

Founders Brewery

9) Deschutes Hopzeit; ABV 7%

This is a wonderful cross between an American IPA and Marzen style beer, AKA Oktoberfest. A commonly stocked beer that is sure to pair well with that Jager schnitzel, pretezel, or even hamburger while tailgating. Oh, and if you don’t like pumpkin beers, this one is gourd free. You’re welcome.

10) Miller Brewing Hamm’s Special Light; ABV 3.8%

To round out the top 10, this is a Cyclone fan website, so one must include a crappy beer. Crappy beers are good, cheap, and sexy. Generally ranges from $9.99-$12.99 for a 30 box. Drink hard. Tailgate harder. Drink Hamm’s Special Light.

Happy Cytoberfest this fall! Us Cyclones love our football, but we also love our beer. We hope you give some or all of these a taste try!

Have a recommendation? Let us know your favorite fall beer. Comment below!

Go Cyclones!

Credit: Iowa State University