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The Mid-Morning Dump: Getting and Staying Ready

Name the band

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THE KEY To be successful in the Big 12, Iowa State will need to start converting turnovers instead of recording a bunch of near-misses.

NEW KINDA FEELIN’ He’s just a true freshman, but Brock Purdy will need to be ready.....just in case.

I AM THE LION Kene Nwangwu has the chance to become a catalyst for Iowa State’s offensive success.

ALL I’M DREAMIN’ OF The new redshirt rule has completely changed the the staff’s philosophy around developing young players. This season, the young guys have been playing a “JV” game on Wednesdays to get them so meaningful game-style reps.

FIESTA DEL FUEGO Chelsea took down Liverpool behind this stunning winner from Eden Hazard.

THE BITTER END The Brewers completed a three game sweep of the Cardinals to clinch a playoff berth.

JUNKMAN Max Scherzer became just third pitcher in the last 15 years to record 300 strikeouts in a season.

ROLLIN’ ON After losing the starting quarterback job, Kelly Bryant has announced that he will be transferring from Clemson. This is the second big-name player to utilize the new redshirt rule as a sort of “free agency.” Oklahoma State’s Jalen McKlesky did the same after complaining about not getting enough touches on offense.