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Three Things We Learned: South Dakota State

It stormed. A lot.

NCAA Football: South Dakota State at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Well there isn’t certainly much to go off of from a four minute sample size but we shall give it a shot!

Kyle Kempt controlling the offense?

Right after Iowa State got behind the sticks, Kempt quickly found Hakeem Butler on a 21 yard strike and the Cyclones instantly went with tempo. It didn’t appear there was much coming from the coaches and the Kempt was in complete control of his team. The Cyclones quickly scored on a 55 yard touchdown pass to DeShaunte Jones.

Word on Kempt that he knows the ins and out of the offense and may have the ability to call the shots when needed. It wasn’t much to go off of but when Iowa State goes up-tempo this season is Kempt going to call the plays? We will have to wait to find out.

3-man front is still hanging around

Iowa State’s defensive change last season was discussed almost every week. After the Texas game the Cyclones switched to a 3 man defensive front and it worked. Last night on the first defensive series the same philosophy came out once again. I don’t envision this being the case against Iowa next week, but it does illustrate some of the versatility this defense is going to have this season.

Storms Suck

Cyclone fans waited over 200 days for their team to play and now we are going to have to wait another week to see what this team really is made of. Credit to the fans for sticking it out till the end when the call was made to cancel due to the storms. Just goes to show how much excitement there is surrounding the program.