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This Week in GIFs: The Game That Never Was

Final score: Weather 1, everyone else 0

NCAA Football: South Dakota State at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Football was officially back on Saturday...

...and that means GIFs are back too!

A 7 PM kickoff meant Iowa State fans got an entire day of tailgating action before taking on the Jackrabbits.

After stopping the Jackrabbit offense, Kyle Kempt would connect with Deshaunte Jones, who just ran by everybody, for a 55 yard touchdown.

And then, there was lightning.

And the game was put into a weather delay.

Some people evacuated the stadium, in a selfish and not at all orderly fashion.

Others waited out the rain, patiently waiting for the players to come back and start warming up.

People who tried to check the weather forecast on their phone were a little frustrated.

It didn’t stop raining, and more storms built up, so more people evacuated.

After a two hour and 44 minute rain delay, they canceled the game.

In the end, there was just too much lightning.

The game was ruled “no-contest”, meaning Iowa State will likely play 11 games unless they figure something out for the bye week/Championship Week.

The worst part of “The Game That Never Was” wasn’t tailgating during the nice part of the day only to start the game 5 minutes before the rain hit...

... or getting soaked while waiting for the delay to be called off...

... or the football team missing out on a pivotal first game before taking on the Hawks on Saturday...

... or the post-game s***-storm that erupted on Cyclone Twitter.

It was the faux outrage from Hawkeye fans over Iowa State suspensions counting as served.

While the morality police act from them is not the least bit surprising, that doesn’t make it any less disappointing.

Happy Hate Week, everyone!