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10 CyHawk Memories Cyclone Fans Should Never Forget


On September 8th, the most anticipated football game in the state of Iowa takes place. The men of Cardinal and Gold will take on TOE. The clash of AHF and ANF will occur. This is the game of the year. Although TOE doesn’t think it matters, the Iowa Corn Growers Association would think otherwise. You know, a school to claim ANF doesn’t support the ICGA, but that’s beside the point!

We have complied a list of 10 things we should never forget about the CyHawk series over the years. Whether game related or not. Bring on TOE!!!

10) Iowa Gurls... HAWT!!!

Iowa Hawkeye Museum of History

9) No No Ice Netten. 2014: ISU 20 and TOE 17

CBS Sports

8) October 1, 1894. Remember? Me either. Iowa Agricultural (Iowa State) defeats Iowa.

Iowa Highway Ends

7) The 1980’s... what a time to be alive. 1981, when the Big 8 was King. And Iowa still sucked. ‘Merica

Iowa State University

6) 5th straight in 2002

5) Don’t over think this one

4) 2007: 15-13 ISU. Field goals only. 15 points to win only with field goals. Seriously??

3) Hawkeyes...on my belly.

2) Triple OT 2011

  1. The trophy that defined all trophies. Let us all unite on this one.

Loyal Sons Forever True.

Go Cyclones! Beat TOE!