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The Mid-Morning Dump: Michigan, Florida State, Texas, and Miami are Back!

Title via a @GeoffSchwartz tweet.

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WOODY IS HARD. Jeff Woody details what he saw in the 4:05 of gameplay Saturday.

REPLACEMENT GAMES ARE HARD TO COME BY. Also, this isn’t Campbell’s first time dealing with a cancelled game.

SEASON OPENER PART DEUX. The Gazette offers insight into ISU’s prep for Saturday’s game.

GAME NOTES. Take a look at fun facts that preview Saturday’s CyHawk game.

SEMINAL VESICLES GO DOWN. Good job Virginia Tech!

FEDERER GOES UNDER. Aussie John Millman supplied the upset from down under at the US Open.

WE DON’T NEED NO, VIOLENT E-SPORTS. While combat sports are violent, that violence is better than E-Sports violence, according to the Olympics.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL POWER RANKINGS. You’ll never guess who’s number one.

WAY TOO F***ING EARLY BOWL PREDICTIONS. Have Iowa State in either the Camping World Bowl or the Liberty Bowl (again).

NFL MEGA PREVIEW. The NFL season is back, so check out this way-too-large preview ESPN put together.

KAP IS BACK. Well, he still doesn’t have a job, but he is back in the news again thanks to a new NIKE campaign.