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New Balance Names Kirk Ferentz Face of “Just Punt It” Campaign

“Believe in something, even if it means kicking it away on 4th and inches”

In a move that is sure to cause controversy throughout Johnson County, New Balance has selected Kirk Ferentz as the face of their “Just Punt It” campaign this fall.

“We can’t think of a person that exemplifies the spirit of this campaign more than Mr. Ferentz,” a New Balance spokesperson told WRNL.

Ferentz has long been a believer in the power of kicking it away to opponents and playing the game the right way even if the strategy hasn’t yielded a January bowl victory in nearly a decade.

“Believe in something, even if it means punting on fourth and inches,” Ferentz told the media.

There is no one out there that loves punting more than Ferentz. The head football coach, known for his vanilla offense, conservative decision-making and appreciation of nepotism, was the perfect choice for the bland and stale brand that is most popular among the baby boomer population.

The decision has not gone over well within sections of the Iowa fan base that are done with Ferentz’s “play to not lose” approach.

Some fans have gone as far as cutting the New Balance logo off their shirts, and revealing Hawkeye tattoos on their bellies. Others have burned their Velcro shoes, leaving them to walk barefoot to their second week of classes at Kirkwood Community College.

Papa John’s has even considered taking back their sponsorship of the university’s business college, citing a concern over Ferentz’s use of the “N” word (New Balance).

UGG is also apparently in communication with Ferentz about an endorsement deal. After hearing about New Balance’s campaign, the boot company (popular among Chicago suburb natives/University of Illinois rejects) has drafted their “Just Boot It” campaign ahead of their fall sales season.

After initially suspending the “Just Punt It” campaign, New Balance decided to immediately reinstate the program after weathering the storm and finding the face of their brand.

Ferentz’s Hawkeyes take on Matt Campbell’s Iowa State Cyclones on Saturday, where they are a 4.5 punt favorite in the annual Cy-Hawk game.