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The Mid-Morning Dump: US Open Craziness

There’s plenty of chatter leading up to Saturday’s game

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SCOUTING THE ENEMY. Five things to know about this Saturday’s opponent.

STORM WARNING. ISU officials explain the partial evacuation last week.

THROWING LOVE, NOT SHADE. Kirk Ferentz showered praise on David Montgomery

LET’S NOT GET CRAZY. Uncle Randy explains why Saturday’s game is not the biggest in Kyle Kempt’s career.

SATURDAY PREP. Matt Campbell knows the Cyclones will have their hands full with Iowa’s defensive line.

OPEN MARATHON. Nadal outlasted Thiem in a match that went into the wee hours.

TOOK LONG ENOUGH. Shohei Ohtani had yet to hit a home run against a lefty, until yesterday.

LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR. The Arizona Cardinals have renamed their stadium.

MARITIME HORROR. A fight broke out in the Mariners’ clubhouse before yesterday’s game.

A GAME ABOUT NOTHING. A funny sighting at Tuesday’s Pirates/Reds game.