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The Mid-Morning Dump: Kansas Over Break

Name the band.

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YOU’RE MINE Iowa State picked up a defensive back commitment yesterday in the form of three-star Florida CB Kym-Mani King.

OPEN YOUR EYES Iowa State released the full 2018-2019 basketball schedule, and the Big 12, in all its wisdom, scheduled the Kansas game over the winter break.

RISE How Marcel Spears Jr. went from an unknown to become a leader of the defense over the course of just one season.

THE GAME Randy Peterson says we need to stop fretting over the details of the CyHawk game, and keep an eye on the important matchups.

LAND OF CONFUSION Brian Ferentz talked about Matt Campbell yesterday, and what he had to say was........nice?

WARRIOR Shaquem Griffin will be getting the start at linebacker in week one for the Seahawks, despite him only having one hand.

THE SOUND OF SILENCE Le’Veon Bell’s teammates are pissed about him not showing up to camp, or even letting them know when he would be joining the team.

SAVE OUR LAST GOODBYE After returning from the minor leagues, Brandon Phillips made quite the debut in Boston, hitting a game winning home run.

PAIN REDEFINED Pitcher phenom Shohei Ohtani has been recommended for Tommy John surgery, ending is his season, and likely keeping him out of most of 2019.