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Player to Watch: Deshaunte Jones

He tore up South Dakota State, and now he’s going to tear apart Iowa.

NCAA Football: South Dakota State at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

In Iowa State’s minimal amount of game time on Saturday there was a player who shined; Deshaunte Jones. On the first and only drive on the game for Iowa State, Jones took a bubble screen pass to the house for 55 yards. This was a simple screen pass where Jones split several defenders and was off to the races.

This play was very similar to the play that Trever Ryen scored a touchdown on in Norman last year.

Both players got a good block in front of them, and both had incredible breakaway speed. Last season, once Kyle Kempt was the named starting quarterback, Ryen averaged over nine yards a catch. A lot of those receptions were on plays just like the above plays. With Ryen graduating, Jones is starting in his place and that means more targets for Jones. Jones had a stellar freshman year that included 37 receptions and 536 yards, that was followed by a sophomore slump in which he only recorded 28 receptions and 273 yards.

On Saturday, David Montgomery will be the best player on the field and Iowa will be placing a lot of his focus on him. They will also be trying very to contain Hakeem Butler after he torched them last year. This leaves the screen pass game open, obviously as you just saw, the junior wideout is very dangerous and will get a lot of chances in this game.

One reason he will get a lot of targets is because of the pace. Against SDSU, Kyle Kempt was mainly calling the plays after the big Butler gain. They ran one to Montgomery at up tempo. then threw the bubble screen to Jones. The bubble screen or swing pass is a very simple play that is will be a common occurrence when playing fast. Jones will take advantage of this and have a huge game in Iowa City.

Prediction: 112 Yards, 6 Catches, 1 TD