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CYHawk Recap: Hawkeyes Out-Grit Cyclones

El Assico at its finest.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Iowa Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The Cyclones dropped an awful game in Iowa City, losing 13-3 to the Hawkeyes

The Iowa State defense played well, but the offense was a no-show after a promising opening drive. Kyle Kemp was injured midway through the 3rd quarter, leading to a decent but fruitless effort from Zeb Noland.

The Cyclones kicked off to start the game, and quickly forced a Hawkeye punt, thanks in part to Iowa getting a delay-of-game penalty before their first offensive snap

The Cyclones would mount a 13 play, 66 yard drive that chewed up nearly 7 minutes. The drive was highlighted by short passes to the running backs and solid David Montgomery runs, and was kicked into overdrive by a 31 yard catch and run by Deshaunte Jones. The drive would stall on a Mueller false start at the one yard line, and Connor Assalley (!!!) would make the field goal to put the Cyclones up 3.

And then the crappy football started.

Iowa put together a six play, 9 yard drive before punting to the Cyclones, who gained -8 yards in three plays before Corey Dunn shot a 14 yard punt down field.


Iowa would take over on the 21 yard line, but would thankfully miss their field goal. After four plays, Dunn would rattle off a 13 yard punt to give Iowa the ball at the 28 yard line.


Iowa would capitalize, moving the ball to the ISU 13 before the defense flexed their muscles, forcing Iowa to kick a field goal. Recinos would make this one, bringing the game to 3-3. El Assico, we’ve missed you so.

Dunn would then kick a 58 non-rugby style punt to end the half (?!). At the break, the Cyclones led the Hawks in first downs, total yards, and TOP. Penalties and horrible punts really hurt the ‘Clones offensive momentum in the first half. Defensively, Mike Rose was great, Matt Leo played well, and Ray Lima dominated.

The second half led to more of the same. The Cyclones and Hawkeyes traded punts, with ISU keeping it conservative on every down and David Montgomery having nowhere to run. Iowa would mount a 6 play, 40 yard drive that would end in a field goal to make it 6-3.

The Cyclones would put together a drive into Hawkeye territory on the next series, and went for it on a fourth down and short. Kempt’s pass would be tipped at the line, and the Hawkeyes would take over.

Iowa would give the Cyclones life once again, as a decent drive wound up ending with a missed field goal attempt, their second of the game. Kempt, who was injured on the previous drive, would be replaced by Zeb Noland for the next series, which again resulted in a punt.

After holding strong all day, the defense finally broke. Iowa nickel and dimed the Cyclones down the field, turning in a long 83 yard drive that would end in a touchdown on a 10 yard Mekhi Sargent touchdown run.

The ‘Clones last attempt at a drive was killed by penalties - Sean Foster’s second holding of the day and a Bryce Meeker false start led to a 3rd and 25 drop by Hakeem Butler.

The last ditch effort for the Cyclones was dashed as Noland would get hit in the pocket and fumble the football.

In all, it was a valiant effort by the Cyclone defense, and an embarrassing effort by the Cyclone offense. The offensive line also did not play well, turning in numerous penalties, giving #32 no room to run, and surrendering numerous sacks.

The game totals for the Cyclones were 169 passing yards on 29 attempts to go with 22 rushing yards on 24 attempts, which is downright disgraceful. Iowa would put up 166 passing yards on 28 attempts and 102 rushing yards on 35 attempts.

Ultimately, the play of the defense is about the only positive thing the Cyclones can take from this game.

The Cyclones didn’t get a chance to play their first game, and that really showed today.

Up next: Oklahoma comes to Ames, and the Cyclones had better find an offense in a hurry.