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The After-Lunch Dump: Happy New Year Edition

It’s 2019, y’all.

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ON THIS DATE. . . Well, there has never been a 1/1/2019 so make the most of it!

HEALTHY WIGGINTON = BETTER SHAYOK. The Big XII’s leading scorer could be complimented with one of the best PG’s in the conference soon.

BUTLER AND MONTGOMERY NFL DRAFT. Uncle Randy says they should enter into the Draft.

TOP 10 2018 CYCLONEFB MOMENTS. Good stuff here (DMR) from a timeline perspective of the 2018 season.

SOUTHERN SCUFFLE PREVIEW. Well, the Scuffle is underway (check out GrappleCY’s work), but here’s a preview.

JAR LAR’S TIP FOR 2019. Don’t dab while passing a cop near a toll booth.

DANA GONE. Mr. Unprofessional is now in Houston.

OUTBACK BOWL. Keep up with the game over on For Whom The Cowbell Tolls.

UCF BACK 2 BACK? The Fiesta Bowl has been a back and forth affair thus far, Burrow threw this pick six to shift early momentum.