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The Mid-Morning Dump: Wrestling & Women’s Basketball Pick Up Big Wins

Name the band.

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TALES OF A SCORCHED EARTH The Twister Sisters grabbed another conference win last night in a dominant performance against TCU at home.

RUN2ME Matthew Bain goes through Iowa State’s pursuit of another wide receiver, as well as each of the main basketball targets for 2019 and 2020.

ASCENDING GUITARS Kevin Dresser & Co. picked up their first conference win of the season against North Dakota State.

DAYDREAM Jay Jordan (52 Trap) takes a deep dive into the football team’s roster and their outlook going forward.

BLUE SKIES BRING TEARS The New York Jets have their new head coach in former Miami coach Adam Gase.

U.S.A. Chicago Blackhawks fans standing and cheering during the entire national anthem is one of the best traditions in the NHL, but not every team’s national anthem traditions stack up well.

WHERE BOYS FEAR TO TREAD The final college football empires map is here. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of Clemson.

TRANSLUCENT Which college football teams are already being overrated for 2019? To nobody’s surprise, Nebraska makes the list.