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Iowa Fans, Kirkwood Students Ask for Refund of Free Basketball Tickets

Fans livid after being ‘bamboozled’ by Iowa basketball.

Ahead of last night’s clash vs. #6 Michigan State, the University of Iowa ran a completely original “Storm Carver” campaign, which featured free tickets for for University of Iowa students to attend the high-profile matchup. While the athletic department was hoping “Storm Carver” would take over as the new men’s basketball rallying cry, “Let’s Be Mad Again” is still clearly on the minds of Kirkwood students, Hawkeye media members, and Fran McCaffery.

After the Spartans’ 82-67 drubbing of the Hawkeyes, students from Iowa and nearby Kirkwood Community College were upset with the on-court performance, and have begun asking for refunds of the free tickets.

“I feel like I was tricked, bamboozled even, into going to the Iowa basketball game. After years of disappointment, I’d been hearing all season that this Iowa team had a chance to make not only the team, but the students and fans begin caring about Hawkeye basketball again,” said a University of Iowa junior that chose to remain anonymous.

“After that performance, I can’t help but feel like I was robbed of not only my time, but of my dignity and school pride.”

Kirkwood Community College students have been duped into attending University of Iowa sporting events in the past, as the the university has offered student football tickets to Kirkwood students in the past in an attempt to make the Iowa student section look somewhat less disappointing.

However, that may be changing, as Kirkwood students have begun asking to be paid to attend University of Iowa sporting events, along with refunds for the Michigan State basketball games.

A Kirkwood Community College board member added, “If our students are going to continue driving down to Iowa City to supplement their student sections and be subject to more of this nonsense, then we will require the U of I to begin compensating them for their time.”

Jacob, a student in “undecided” at Kirkwood was livid. “I wasted my whole day of cancelled classes by waiting in the lines at Wal-Mart to purchase my University of Iowa Alumni t-shirt. All I’m sayin’ is the U of I better be refunding something! Especially that 380 Express bus fee to get me to that shit hole. I should have been studying for that one class... but yeah. It’s whatever. Can’t win on free ‘student ticket night’, I’m not happy. Better start attending real basketball games in Johnson Hall.”

Wal-Mart in Cedar Rapids has called in the bullpen from the usual Black Friday crowd to prepare for just this type of dilemma. The CEO of Wal Mart was unavailable for an interview at this time, but his secretary gave us a brief statement, “We are looking at all possible options at this point. Our management is working with the U of I for possible free ‘student’ tickets in the future to make up for the disappointment. Thank you for understanding. I need to make a return of my own before the crowd, so gotta go!”

University officials have yet to make an official statement on the potential refunds, but we will update this story as more details are made public.