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Down the Pipe & Natty Lite - Episode 27: Video Games, Cole’s Crazy Diet Experiment, and Our Interview with Daniel Blake from Anheuser-Busch

A HUGE episode for you to enjoy as you head into the weekend.

In this week’s episode Levi, Cole, and Marchie are back with a more off-topic episode, but we still talked a little Iowa State basketball, and why we’re still optimistic about the team going forward despite the disappointing loss to Kansas at Allen Fieldhouse.

Then, we dove into a crazy diet experiment Cole did, where he ate nothing but chicken breast for two weeks. No vegetables, no fruit, no bread for a sandwich. Just chicken breast. Cole talks a little bit about what it was like eating the same food for two weeks, and what effects it had on his body.

Here’s Cole’s YouTube video of his experience:

Next, we touched on video games, which has been one of our favorite recurring topics on the show. Ace Combat 7 came out last week, and Levi has been extremely impressed. He talk about what the game is like, and why you should at least give the trial a shot, especially if flying games aren’t usually in your rotation.

To cap off the show we sat down with Daniel Blake, an executive at Anheuser-Busch, to talk about Natural Light’s College Debt Relief Program. The program is in its second year, and students and recent grads can submit a video of themselves talking about what inspired them to go to college. Natural Light then looks through all the submissions, and the winner will receive a portion of the total prize, which could most or possibly all of the student debt. It’s a great program, and we’re excited to help them promote it.

Naturally, we also asked him some of our own questions, as well as some questions submitted from Twitter, about all sorts of topics, including resealable Busch Light cans, more 30-packs in central Iowa, and a possible RETURN OF THE 77 PACK?!?!

You won’t want to miss that interview, which starts around the 1h 5m 30s mark.

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