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The Mid-Morning Dump: DAMN IT’S COLD!

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Tropical paradise out there, folks.


NICE CHALLENGE. Iowa State will have a nice mid season challenge in Oxford tomorrow.

BACK OFF! Randy Peterson says it’s time to back off Lindell Wigginton.

NEXT BIG RECRUIT. Tamin Lipsey of Ames is going to be the next big recruit to come out of Iowa and Iowa State was his first offer.

SAM COLBRAY COMING ON. Sam Colbray is putting things together for Iowa State wrestling.

PURE COMEDY. This should help your Friday out.

ANTONIO BROWN SAGA. The Antonio Brown saga has hit social media stalking status.

KICKERS IN! The Bears are bringing in around 7 kickers for workouts over the weekend.

PROP BETS IN. The Super Bowl prop bets have now been posted.