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The Mid-Morning Dump: BASKETBALL IS FUN

Name the band.

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NEVER GONNA STOP (THE RED, RED KROOVY) For what seems like the first time in a couple years, basketball is really fun again, and the team is having fun too.

CALL OF THE ZOMBIE Bob Huggins appears to be having decidedly less fun than Iowa State.

SUPERBEAST Along with the win, the brightest spot for Iowa State was Lindell Wigginton’s 28 points, possibly signaling his return to All-Big 12 form.

WHAT LURKS ON CHANNEL X? Meet Iowa State’s preferred walk-ons for the 2019 season.

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A TEENAGE ROCK GOD Monte Morris got the start for the Nuggets last night, and put up 20 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists.

TRANSYLVANIAN TRANSMISSIONS PT. 1 Today’s is the Premier League transfer deadline for the January period. Here’s a tracker to keep you updated on any key signings.

MEDICATION FOR THE MELANCHOLY TCU unveiled some incredible new football uniforms.

THE MAN WHO LAUGHS Deion Sanders wrote a letter to his younger self.