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The Mid-Morning Dump: Prohm’s First Press Conference

We finally got to hear from Steve Prohm about 2019-2020 men’s basketball team.

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REDSHIRTS Iowa State has already burned a handful of redshirts this season, including Kym-Mani King, who has played in every game so far. However, the majority of the class still has yet to play. Who could be making their first appearances in the near future?

SENIORS One of those available for redshirt is JaQuan Bailey, who could potentially return for 2020 if he doesn’t play the rest of the season. However, he and the rest of the senior class are tasked with some of the most important roles in the program.

OPTIONS Steve Prohm will have a ton of different lineup options available with an overhauled roster that may have less star power, but should be a more cohesive unit overall.

OUTSIDERS The Dallas Morning News gave Tech fans five things to know about Iowa State, and, for once, a newspaper from outside of Iowa is actually somewhat accurate.

MATCHES Iowa State men’s golf finished the fall season on a low note after struggling in Big 12 Match Play, but there’s hope for January.

CHANCES After a stellar high school and college career, Allen Lazard has had to go up “the rough side of the mountain” to earn his breakout performance against Detroit this past Monday.

NO CHANCE After yet another loss more disappointing than the last, there’s not a lot of optimism left that the USMNT will ever be good enough to challenge at the top of the world stage.

NO MATCH In their sweep of the Cardinals, the Washington Nationals not only killed their playoff run, but the entire identity of the team.

NO OUTSIDERS North and South Korea played in a historic World Cup qualifier...that nobody was allowed to watch.

NO OPTIONS When Connor McDavid wants to score a goal, there’s basically nothing you can do.

NO SENIORS Check out The Athletic’s Mid-Season Freshmen All-American squad.

NO RED SHIRTS because I like symmetry.