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The Mid-Morning Dump: Shakeup

Matt Campbell has made some tweaks to the depth chart ahead of Saturday’s game

SWITCHING IT UP before the TCU game - Matt Campbell has changed some things around on the depth chart. Now if only something could wake up the run game (other than Brock Purdy, of course.)

WAIT AND SEE how JaQuan Bailey is recovering from a leg injury suffered against Baylor.

THAT’S A WRAP for Carson King, who raised $2.95 million for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

STACKED FIELD against the women’s golf team, which finished 10th at the Windy City Collegiate.

THAT STINGS for the Brewers, whose catastrophic eighth inning cost them the season.

TIMES A-CHANGIN’ for Sports Illustrated, which appears to be facing multiple layoffs in the coming months.

MORE LIKE COLDSPURS for Tottenham, who was humbled in a Champions League matchup.

BOWL PROJECTIONS for the NCAA, because it’s never too early!