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The Mid Morning Dump: Road Clones

Iowa State picked up their third win in a row over Taco Tech on Saturday.

NO DOUBT ABOUT Iowa State won 34-24 in Lubbock, and it wasn’t close.

QUOTABLE Matt Campbell talked up Breece Hall and Bryce Meeker in his postgame comments.

HIGHLIGHTS The man (kid) below provides a lot of them.

HE’S SPECIAL It’s been a good two weeks for Breece Hall.

WE’RE BACK Iowa State makes it’s triumphant return to the Top 25.

ONE OF US Look at Lazard go!

BITTERSWEET Someone tell the Bears to give Montgomery the ball, even if this happened.

SECOND CITY SADNESS The Blackhawks fell 5-3 to the Capitals to fall to 2-3-0 on the season.

MUDSLINGING The 49ers-Redksins was a sloppy, terrible game.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The freaking Illini did it.

THAT’S CRUEL Saints players absolutely punked Tarik Cohen.

CLUTCH Bye bye, Yankees.