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Iowa State still not ranked in FanPulse: Week 8

Iowa State is ranked for the people, just not by the people.

The moment you’ve been waiting for: Iowa State is a ranked football team. Well, except by the fans, that is.

Why FanPulse doesn’t have us ranked, I don’t know. They got Appalachian St. at 19, Wake Forest at 20, San Diego St. at 24, and look, I like some non Power 5 teams as much as the next guy (ACC should barely count as Power 5 this year), but I have no doubt Iowa State wins all those games by at least two touchdowns.

Has Iowa State earned a top 25 spot? I think so. Iowa looks like they’ll go 8-5 per usual, Baylor looks like they might ride luckiness into the Sugar Bowl, and those are the only two losses. Our worst game all year came in a win to UNI, annihilated ULM, and have handled the Big 12 going 3-1 in conference play.

Looking ahead, Iowa State has at least two more weeks where they should either elevate or stay right where they are. On the upcoming slate, Iowa State has a winnable home game this week against the pass defense defunct Ok St. Cowboys, and a BYE week that follows.

If Iowa State doesn’t get ranked by then, they’ll really have to earn it against OU, and Texas in back to back weeks.