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WRNL Interrogates: Cowboys Ride for Free

Learn more about the fighting Micah Bells this week from Micah Allen from CRFF.

Baylor v Oklahoma State Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Thanks to Micah Allen of Cowboys Ride For Free for her help letting me know more about the Cowboahs this week.

Jared: What should the Iowa State defense look for if they’re hoping to slow do the OSU running attack?

Micah: Tackle No. 30. Lol, to be more specific, he’s sooo fast. They need a guy that can get after him. Speed is going to be key. And when you tackle him you have to do it right or he’ll get back up and get 3-4 more yards after the carry.

J: Offensively, apart from Hubbard, who are some names Cyclones need to know for Saturday?

M: Tylan Wallace is another name to be looking out for on the Cowboy offense. He’s had a fantastic career at Oklahoma State and that’s continued this year. He has the ability to make catches that he shouldn’t.

J: A.J. Green is one of the few seniors on the entire team, what leadership does he bring and who else is a mauler on that Cowboy D?

M: His leadership has definitely been appreciated this year. Green is giving wisdom to the other guys and you can tell that he takes it seriously. As far as other maulers, Malcom Rodriguez and Amen Obongbeminga have both been essential for that line that’s been dealing with injuries this season.

J: What does Oklahoma State need to do to slow down Brock Purdy this time around?

M: They need to put pressure on him. They need to get some sacks and I think Amen Obongbeminga can put that pressure on Purdy, it’s just a matter of if ISU’s O-line will break and let him through.

It’s notedly important forcing a non-offensive touchdown for Oklahoma State, if someone’s going to force it who would it be?

One of the cornerbacks pmakes the most sense. I like AJ Green to do something like that. He hasn’t been super great in forcing turnovers this season (and by that you may have to check me but I don’t think he has any. ) But Saturday might be his day.

Oklahoma State cornerback A.J. Green runs towards the end zone after making an interception during the Oklahoma State vs. McNeese State Football game on Saturday September 7, 2019 at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
T.C. Brewster/O’Colly

(Jared’s note: Ed Orgeron’s son and McNeese State’s Cody Orgeron first pass attempt against Oklahoma State was housed by AJ Green)

J: Where were you in 2011 for *that* game?

M: Well... I honestly don’t remember. I was a sophomore in high school and wasn’t an OSU fan yet. We probably watched it but it’s not a sports memory that sticks out to me.

J: Coach Gundy was in the news when he wouldn’t let certain players talk to the media about transfer Jalen McCleskey, was CRFF impacted by this at all?

M: Considering we don’t get access to players anyways, not at all. Other than writing some thoughts on his handling of that situation we just kept covering what we would normally cover.

J: Matt Ammendola has been in the Cowboys stable for awhile now, and he really does his role better than most out there. How important is his experience?

M: I think a kicker that does his job is super important. Ammendola had his head scratching moments but he’s grown a lot.

J: What’s your pick for Saturday?

M: I...This is hard.... ISU 45 OSU 35

Micah, thanks again for your contributions. Catch me at C3 tomorrow trying to wake up after eating pancakes at mass campaniling tonight!