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The Mid Morning Dump: What a Disapointing Weekend

Just a reminder to never tweet at recruits or players.

THE END OF BROCKTOBER Iowa State’s 34-27 loss to Oklahoma State was depressing and painful.

HIGHLIGHTS Even though they lost, this still might be worth the watch.

INJURIES SUCK We hope that Greg Eisworth can get healthy.

WHEEL, SNIPE, CELLY BOIS. Cyclone Hockey split #6 Ohio this weekend on the road.

VOLLEYBALL FARMAGEDDON. The Cyclones swept Kansas State Saturday night.

FAULTY FOOTY. Cyclone Soccer went to Waco where they lost 0-2.

HAVE A DAY, DAVID This is what happens when you give him the ball.

UMM Absolutely no words.

SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE Another missed game winning kick for the Bears.

WHAT A COMEBACK The Astros came back from down 2-0 to up 3-2 in dominant fashion.

GIANT SLAYED No one saw Oklahoma losing to K-State.

THIS IS A FAMILY PROGRAM Three pumps is supposed to be a flag according to Key and Peele.