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Three Things We Learned: Oklahoma State

A rough ending to a solid month of football.

Oklahoma State v Iowa State

Despite the result, Iowa State still controls its own destiny in the Big 12.

Is Limiting Big Plays Becoming An Issue?

The Cyclone defense has largely been very good this season, but this week showed something that could be a future problem, big play defense. With O’Rien Vance returning from injury this week, the linebackers were thought to have been at full strength and dominate a talented OSU offense. Iowa State gave up touchdowns of 71, 50, and 65, 2 of them via screen plays another coming on a Chuba Hubbard run. The ‘Clones have some explosive offenses coming up in games against Oklahoma, Texas, and - I know, it’s crazy - Kansas. It is a perfect time for a bye week as Coach Campbell and Co. will have a plan to dominate once again.

Turnovers Are Indeed A Difference Maker

This has really been a problem for a majority of the season, the defense unable to force turnovers and the offense turning the ball over at unfortunate times. The Cyclones played their best football early in the 3rd quarter when Mike Rose intercepted a pass and was able to set up just a 2 play drive between a Chase Allen 22 yard catch and a Breece Hall 9 yard touchdown run. Turnovers truly are a Juicy Wiggle amplifying play and get the fans excited for great football, and can make the difference between contending for a Big 12 title in November and struggling to win late season games.

Brock Purdy Is Still Our Guy

I can’t believe I am actually saying this (as it should be obvious), but Brock Purdy is going to take us as far as this team is capable of. You see the three 4th quarter interceptions, and maybe think he has issues, but that is just a 19 year old kid making mistakes. Matt Campbell has been adamant up to this point that Brock’s personality will allow him to be successful even after tough days like this.