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Week 9 FanPulse: Unranked State is the Best State

Rankings are overrated.

Iowa State should decline being ranked for the rest of the season. That’s not how it works, but Iowa State does not do well when they are ranked in the top 25.

Iowa State opened the season ranked, and was pushed to the absolute brink by UNI to open the season. Iowa State would fall out of the rankings after a BYE, and not see it again until last weekend. Where the Cyclones lost. So just keep Iowa State locked in from anywhere to 35-26 for the rest of time.

Iowa State has officially dropped out of the rankings which is likely the last time they’ll be ranked all year. Unless Iowa State plays its best football against the next two opponents, they will likely stay out of the top 25 the remainder of the season.

Elsewhere in the Big 12, following a week where every favored Big 12 team lost, Oklahoma has dropped all the way to the eight spot in FanPulse. Texas is unranked. And dare I say, the other CFP Big 12 threat, the Baylor Bears, are only two spot behind the Sooners, rounding out the top 10.

Also of note: After three consecutive weeks of recording a perfect 100% rating when asked “Are you confident in the direction of the program?” the overall fan confidence dropped to 85.7% after the loss to Oklahoma State, the second-lowest mark of the season (83.3% after the loss to Iowa).