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The Mid Morning Dump: Nationals Champs

Baseball is over, and winter is here.

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THE WOMEN’S TEAM OPENED UP THE SEASON with their one and only exhibition last night. The Cyclones started (unofficially) their season with a win over Missouri Western.

MEN’S BASKETBALL SEASON STARTS IN SIX DAYS and Fox Sports analyst Andy Katz is high on Tyrese Haliburton.

CHICK-FIL-A IS THE G.O.A.T. BREAKFAST FOOD or so Mike Jacobson would like you to believe. Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

CYCLONE WRESTLING STARTS NOVEMBER 10th and Kevin Dresser is expecting a lot from the 12th ranked Cyclones, especially from Ames native, Marcus Coleman.

SINCE IT’S A BYE WEEK IN FOOTBALL here’s a great story on Brayden Narveson and how he balances school, football and being a type-1 diabetic.

THE EQUIPMENT DEPARTMENT TWEETED OUT A CRYPTIC PHOTO of an ISU logo on a camouflage long sleeve shirt. This photo left many speculating if there was a special ode to Veteran’s Day in store for the Oklahoma game.

LAST NIGHT WAS FIGHT NIGHT IN THE NBA and former Kansas stand out Joel Embiid decided to test and see if Kentucky alum Karl Towns was truly soft or not.

GAME SEVEN OF THE WORLD SERIES was last night and the Washington Nationals were crowned Champions after an outstanding playoff run.

AFTER A ROCKY LAST FEW DAYS THE WEBSITE DEADSPIN IS NO MORE as a majority of the staff yesterday decided to leave the site.

IN OTHER BASKETBALL NEWS Steph Curry will be sidelined now with a broken hand, and James Harden sought revenge for Houston by torching them for 59 points.

COULD BILLY DONOVAN find his way back to college basketball if he’s fired from the OKC Thunder this season?