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The Chicago Bears’ offensive line needs to step up for David Montgomery

The Bears’ offensive line is on life support.

Chicago Bears v Oakland Raiders Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images

Just when you thought David Montgomery couldn’t be stuck behind a worse offensive line, he may just have found himself behind the worst he has ever played behind. That’s no small feat considering some of the offensive lines that Iowa State put in front of David Montgomery.

Now entering their by week coming off a loss to the Oakland Raiders, Bears’ head coach Matt Nagy is focusing on fixing the offense. Right now, the Bears average 17.4 points per game (28th in NFL), 4.5 yards per play(30th), 3.4 yards per rush attempt(29th) and 80.6 rushing yards per game(26th). This puts the Bears in company with the Dolphins, which some may say is not good.

This has been no fault of David Montgomery. The Iowa State alum is running the ball with great vision and power and making this most out of every carry. Many are just waiting for the Bears line to give him a chance to show off his skills. Fans have seen that he will be able to play at the NFL level. It has come in quick flashes but the offensive line’s poor play has kept him pretty bottled.

Fixing the run game was supposed to happen this season, which got started when Jordan Howard was traded to the Eagles and David Montgomery was drafted by the team in the third round. Then the team dumped a few million into retaining some of the current offensive line members.

Now the offensive line appears to be the cause of the Bears offensive problems, especially the run game. Montgomery can only do so much when there’s nowhere to run. Even his 1-yard touchdown against the Raiders looked like it took every ounce of strength to make happen.

There’s no doubt that David Montgomery is a near perfect fit in Chicago. What was once a coaching issue and getting the ball to David Montgomery has become an even bigger issue. The offensive line is going to have to show they can be a perfect fit in order for Bears fans to get the true David Montgomery experience. It will come, but it needs to happen sooner than later. Not just for David Montgomery, but for the sake of the Chicago Bears’ season.