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The Mid-Morning Dump: Iowa State Shutout Nebraska 122 Years Ago

However, in the present, it’s beat West Virginia week.

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ON THIS DATE. . . In 1897, Iowa State beat Nebraska 10-0.

Ames Times 10/14/1897

KINNEY AND BARKER PACE CYCLONES. However, as a whole, the Cyclones finished 12th/14 at Fighting Irish Classic.



NAKLO ADVANCES AT ITAS. Thasaporn upset Kansas’ Maria Toran Ribes in Tulsa earlier this week.

WELL DAM. Joey Palmer, Oregon State grad, is a new volunteer assistant in Dresser’s cabinet.

NBA AND FREE SPEECH Daryl Morey of the Rockets is being chastised for his comments on Hong Kong.

LUTHER FOOTBALL. The Norse dropped their Homecoming game to Central and are now 0-5 on the season.

WHO’S YOUR DADDY? Well, Baker Mayfield and co. found out last night that the 49ers are also the daddy of Baker.

FIRST CHANCE Major League Baseball has started getting more aggressive on first pitches, but there’s a counter trend already starting up.

ZION It took the first pick in the NBA Draft less than a game to already start catching bodies at the rim.