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The Mid-Morning Dump: We Got Grass

We got a pretty darn good turf team

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LEANING ON BROCK. Iowa State is leaning on Brock Purdy for now in the run game.

MORE UNSUNG GUYS HERE. While Brock Purdy is getting the headlines there are a few guys doing the dirty work.

INJURY UPDATES. Looks like Greg Eisworth will be good to go and Collin Newell was ok last week.


WE GOT GRASS! Take a look at this feature on CBS about the Turf Grass team at Iowa State.

BEN SIMMONS SHOT A 3?!? Ben Simmons took his first three pointer, even though it doesn’t count toward actual stats.

NBA TROUBLE. While Ben Simmons is draining shots, the NBA management team in China is not doing so hot.

ASTROS IN TROUBLE? Can the Tampa Bay Rays really take down the mighty Astros?

WELCOME BRO! Jon Gruden welcomes his brother Jay to the being fired club.