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Bacon Bits: Iowa State Football Recruiting Notes

A Few Crootin’ Nuggets.

Hey Cyclone fans, I hope you are hungry. Hungry for some bacon because who the hell isn’t always hungry for bacon? Ok, it isn’t real bacon, but this is my feature for Iowa State football recruiting tidbits I have during the week. Anything on my mind or anything that doesn’t go on my recruiting big boards will be posted here as “Bacon Bits”. Whether you like it crispy, chewy or somewhere in-between. There is always something for everyone.

There wasn’t a ton of news from the last two weeks but there have been plenty of 2021 new offers going out and I got the inside scoop to see what these prospects think about their Iowa State offer. Also, there were some key visitors from this past weekend for the Texas game.

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New Offers

2021 WDE Joey Peterson (Eldridge, IA)

Joey received his offer this past weekend at Texas and it appears that Iowa State is his only FBS offer now. While I didn’t get a chance to speak with Joey directly, I will try and get in contact with him soon.

2021 SDE Tobechi Okoli (Kansas City, MO)

Tobechi got his offer the day before the Texas game and he told me “It’s a great offer and I am really excited for it.” His only other big offer now is Kansas State.

2021 3-Star WDE Hayden Nelson (Brookfield, WI)

After receiving his offer, Hayden said, “I am really excited about the offer from Iowa State. I think coach Campbell and the staff have something really special built there.”

2021 ATH Krew Jackson (Queen Creek, AZ)

Krew didn’t say whole lot but he did say “I think the offer is awesome! Great fans, great conference and a great opportunity for me.”

I do want to mention that I still am gathering info and talking with both Darryl Peterson (2021 DE from Akron, OH) and Michael Trigg (2021 ATH from Tampa, FL) about their offers. Look for their thoughts in the next bacon bits.

A Few Key Visitors from The Texas Game

2021 3-Star TE Jack Pugh (Hilliard, OH)

I am still working with Jack on a follow up questions, but he did have a good time in Ames from his initial response.

2021 3-Star QB Charles Wright (Austin, TX)

Austin didn’t say much but he did mention, “It was a great trip. Ames is a really awesome city and what a great fan base! Great game to go to!”

2021 3-Star OG Mao Glynn (Cincinnati, OH)

Mao said, “The people there really stood out to me. It felt so genuine and not like a bunch of coaches trying to get me to come there.”

2021 4-Star WDE TJ Bollers (Tiffin, IA)

In case you don’t know, TJ is the number one player in the state for the 2021 class and is a top 160 prospect overall. He was in Ames this weekend for another visit and he said “The coaches always stick out. Like they are great people. Definitely people that make me feel like family even though I am still a recruit. The finish to the game was electric and that’s probably an understatement. It was an awesome game to be at all in all.”