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The Mid-Morning Dump: Thanks for Thanksgiving Break Edition

Also Lamar Jackson is ... pretty good


IOWA STATE GAME NOTES. Looking to make a Gameday Bingo for Saturday? Start here!

KANSAS STATE NOTES. Need more TV Bingo? You got it!

AN AWARD FINALIST IN FOOTBALL? To learn less about sophomore tight end Charlie Kolar and more about Steve Wirtel’s dedication to details, it’s easy to see why he’s a Mannelly Award Finalist.

JOENS CONTINUES TO BE GREAT. Last week, sophomore Ashley Joens got 56 points and 34 rebounds in two games.

ROAD SWEEP! The Skating Eustachys couldn’t keep up with the Road Eustachys as the Cyclones won both games.


LAMAR JACKSON IS A KINDA GOOD QB. As witnessed in the NFL’s first 45-6 game since 1976, the Ravens are flying high yet again.

2000 CHAMPS FALL IN MAUI. Virginia Tech held #3 Michigan State’s Cassius Winston to 7 points and 2 assists in the Maui Invitational yesterday.

NBA CITY EDITION JERSEYS. I really like talking trends of threads, and if you want to see the mothership’s opinion it’s pretty good.