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The Mid Morning Dump: It’s Turkey Day!

Stuff your face with some finger foods and catch up on Cyclone news

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IN A GAME WITH BOTH GOOD AND BAD TAKEAWAYS what was the biggest issue with yesterday’s loss to Michigan?

TYRESE HAS BEEN CLIMBING DRAFT BOARDS and also is becoming a bit of a darling in most NBA communities.

STEVE PROHM INSPIRES EVERYONE from adults to athletes, but there’s one teenager in particular whose life he’s managed to inspire the most.

YESTERDAY ALSO GAVE RISE to the embodiment of Thanksgiving break:

FORMER CYCLONE STANDOUT and current OKC Thunder forward Abdel Nader led the Thunder in scoring last night in a loss to Portland.

KLAY THOMPSON probably won’t be returning this season so last night he tried out side line reporting and it was glorious:

MAKE SURE TO BE WELL PREPARED for talking to family today. The Lions are starting third string quarterback David Blough today, football quality may be lesser than.

KANSAS WON THE MAUI and could the be the best team in college basketball?