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Bacon Bits: Iowa State Football Recruiting Notes (11/6/19)

A few crootin’ nuggets.

Hey Cyclone fans, I hope you are hungry. Hungry for some bacon because who the hell isn’t always hungry for bacon? Ok, it isn’t real bacon, but this is my feature for Iowa State football recruiting tidbits I have during the week. Anything on my mind or anything that doesn’t go on my recruiting big boards will be posted here as “Bacon Bits”. Whether you like it crispy, chewy or somewhere in-between. There is always something for everyone.

There wasn’t a ton of news from the last two weeks, but there have been plenty of 2021 new offers going out and I got the inside scoop to see what these prospects think about their Iowa State offer.

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New Offers

2021 DT Floyd Dozier (Palmetto, FL)

Floyd told me he didn’t know much about the program, but he did say “It is a good program and that they are having a good season this year and I would like to go up there and check out the environment.”

2021 Safety Hunter Barth (Queen Creek, AZ)

Hunter said, “Iowa State is a great program. I really like the support from the fan base and the idea of being a part of something like that is unreal.”

2021 3-Star ATH AJ Green (Tulsa, OK)

AJ didn’t have a whole lot to say besides, “The offer excited me to know colleges are liking my game and all I know is that it is a good program to be at.”

2022 DT Hunter Deyo (Council Bluffs, IA)

This was Hunter’s first big time offer as a member of the class of 2022 saying, “It was a great feeling because it was my first one. I am just excited to have this opportunity. The atmosphere and the fans there are very good.”

2021 3-Star CB Devonta Smith (Cincinnati, OH)

Devonta probably gave me one of the best quotes I have gotten for just one question. “The offer is great. I love the coaches at Iowa State, and I text them almost every other day. I have known people who went there, and they have told me nothing but great things and it’s definitely a place that’s high on my list. Also, David Montgomery is one of the guys I talk to a lot as well as Miyan Williams the running back commit.”

2021 3-Star CB Iesa Jarmon (Cincinnati, OH)

Just like Iesa will mention, this was his first power five offer. “It was amazing receiving that offer. Especially since it was my first power five offer.”

2021 DB/WR Kaleb Edwards (Monroe, GA)

Kaleb seemed pretty excited about his new offer saying, “I felt great about it. I was brought to tears by it because it was truly a blessing to be offered and just given the opportunity to play for a school like Iowa State.”