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The Mid-Morning Dump: Victory!

Look out league, the Cyclones are undefeated!

GOOD START to the season by the men’s basketball team, who dominated Mississippi Valley State 110-74 on Tuesday. The Cyclones were led by familiar faces Tyrese Haliburton and Michael Jacobson.

CORNER STONE play has separated Haliburton from the rest of the pack after the first game.

HIGHLIGHT REEL is pretty fun to watch.

ON THE FIELD Charlie Kolar seemingly catches everything, including Oklahoma’s attention.

COACHING CAROUSEL speculation is beginning a bit early this season. Campbell to Florida State? Yeah. No.

BEHIND ENEMY LINES to see the view on this weekend’s game from Norman.

CFP ANNOUNCED its initial rankings yesterday, with a surprise team on the outside looking in.

CHAMPIONS CLASSIC was a fun way to start the men’s basketball season, and showcased a number of future NBA talent.

PLEA DEAL for Kellen Winslow Jr. will help him avoid a lifetime prison sentence.

COMEBACK Chelsea made an incredible comeback after being down 4-1 at halftime against Ajax in the Champions League.