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The Mid-Morning Dump: CyHawk Eve

Iowa Sucks.

CYHAWK SERIES: The Lady Cyclones kick off this year’s basketball edition of the CyHawk Series tonight at 7pm.

RUN FOREST: Junior, Thomas Pollard finished his 2019 campaign by becoming Iowa State’s first-ever Big 12 Cross Country Men’s Student-Athlete of the Year.

BREECE’s BIG YEAR: The awards continue–Breece Hall was recently named to the 247Sports True Freshman All-America Team.

WOMEN’s VBALL AWARDS: The Women’s volleyball team continues to reel in multiple postseason awards, as their season comes to an end.

ALL OF THE DOLLARS: The New Yankees have officially signed Gerrit Cole to 10-year $1 Trillion dollar contract.

GONE’ BOWLING: Jets RB, Le’Veon Bell reportedly bowled a career high, 225 Saturday (while resting due to the flu).

WILT 2.0: Timberwolves rookie guard, Jarrett Culver’s brother J.J. Culver scored 100 points in his NAIA college basketball game Tuesday night.