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The Mid Morning Dump: Iowa Day Edition

The Hawks are comin’ to town for a game of roundball

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IOWA IS COMING TO AMES TONIGHT and Iowa guard Jordon Bohannon had a goodbye he wanted to share with Cyclone Nation:

Very original joke, Jordan.

NEVER ONE TO SHY AWAY FROM A GOOD HAWK BASHING Georges Niang was quick to respond back to Bohannon’s remarks:

TYRESE HALIBURTON’S ROLE MAY HAVE EXPANDED from a year ago, but if you’re surprised by it, be assured that Tyrese isn’t.

THE IOWA STATE WOMEN’S TEAM FELL SHORT last night against the Hawks. Iowa was led by big performances by their seniors.

THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS go out to Coach Bill Fennelly and his family. Coach Fennelly spoke about his father after the game:

IOWA STATE WRESTLING HAS THEIR FINAL DUAL OF 2019 against Chattanooga at home in Hilton. Coach Dresser and the team had this to say ahead of the match-up:

IOWA STATE’S BOWL GAME IS JUST OVER TWO WEEKS AWAY and in preparing for the game, Notre Dame has decided it is in their best interest to part ways with their offensive coordinator.

JA MORANT CONTINUES TO COLLECT SKULLS while also showing why a lot of people see him as Westbrook 2.0:

TIGER WOODS AND JUSTIN THOMAS came home with the the first victory in The Presidents Cup yesterday.

BOARD GUY GETS REMEMBERED as Kawhi returned to Toronto and the Raptors released this video in recollection of their one time Title Hunting Assassin:

THE BROOKLYN NETS FIND THEMSELVES IN HARD PLACE with a team that is seemingly better without Kyrie in the line up, but trading him just cannot be an option.

THE TEXAS TECH RED RAIDERS SHOCKED THE WORLD on Tuesday when they took down Louisville, but the most encouraging part for Tech was the fact they were led by a former walk on.