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Iowa State MBB Analytics Report - Week Seven (12/16/19)

Read about notable analytical stats from the previous week for Iowa State as a team, as well as individual players.

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You can read last weeks analytics report here.

Last Week’s Notable Iowa State Game News:

Dec. 12th: Iowa State (6-3): 68 vs. Iowa (6-3): 84

The Cyclones unfortunately, did not show up to play Thursday night in Hilton. You really didn’t have to look at the box score in this game to know Iowa State got outplayed in every facet of the game. As many have been saying, it was clear that Steve Prohm was out-coached. The Hawkeyes came in as one of the best three point shooting teams in the country, and they loved to feed their big man, Luka Garza. What did they do Thursday night?... EXACTLY that. They were able to find open threes whenever they wanted, while also feeding their big man down low. Iowa State’s trio of big men, were not able to slow down Garza, who finished with 21 points and 11 rebounds.

The Cyclones only offense came from Tyrese Haliburton who finished 22 points in the full 40 minutes of play. The rest of the Cyclones backcourt of Prentiss Nixon, and Rasir Bolton combined to shoot an abysmal 5-21 while only scoring 14 combined. Hopefully this can be a game that the Clones’ are able to have a short memory about, and forget quickly

Notable Iowa State Team Stats:

Currently 47th ranked team in the country on KenPom *(compared to 31st last week)

31st in adjusted offensive efficiency (108.5) *(compared to 29th last week)

74th in adjusted defensive efficiency (94.5) *(compared 55th last week)

Notable Iowa State Individual Stats:

  • George Conditt IV is 92nd in the country *(2nd in the Big 12) in Offensive Rating (125.3)
  • George Conditt IV is 39th in the country *(4th in the Big 12) in Offensive Rebounding Percentage (14.4)
  • George Conditt IV is 6th in the country *(2nd in the Big 12) in BLK% (16.77) *4th last week
  • George Conditt IV is 15th in the country *(2nd in the Big 12) in 2P FG% (75.0) *15th last week

  • Tyrese Haliburton is 16th in the country *(2nd in the Big 12) in Assist Rate (38.8)
  • Tyrese Haliburton remains 4th in the country in APG (7.9)

George Conditt IV continues to be one of the most efficient players in the entire country. I am not sure if Conditt starting would’ve changed to outcome against the Hawkeyes, but it definitely wouldn’t have hurt. Tyrese Haliburton is continuing to be a very efficient passer, while his scoring load is increasing game by game.

Player by Player Efficiency:

Tyrese Haliburton (40 MPG)—> 20.5 USG%/27.8 PER (20.7/29.0) WS: 2.2 (D+/-): [2.8]

Solomon Young (20 MPG)—> 24.2 USG%/18.8 PER (24.1/19.2) WS: 0.7 (D+/-): [1.1]

Rasir Bolton (31 MPG)—> 23.9 USG%/17.2 PER (24.6/19.4) WS: 1.1 (D+/-): [-0.4]

Michael Jacobson (28 MPG)—> 18.1 USG%/PER 15.7 (17.5/18.2) WS: 0.9 (D+/-): [0.2]

Prentiss Nixon (28 MPG)—> 19.7 USG%/11.1 PER (20.5/10.5) WS: 0.6 (D+/-): [0.9]

George Conditt (20 MPG)—> 21.8 USG%/34.0 PER (21.3/33.7) WS: 1.2 (D+/-): [7.8]

Zion Griffin (8 MPG)—> 20.2 USG%/12.0 PER (21.6/13.6) WS: 0.2 (D+/-): [-0.3]

Caleb Grill (11 MPG)—> 9.9 USG%/13.9 PER (10.4/13.9) WS: 0.3 (D+/-): [2.3]

Tre Jackson (4 MPG)—> 14.4 USG%/6.6 PER (13.7/9.5) WS: 0.2 (D+/-): [1.2]

Terrence Lewis (10 MPG)—> 20.5 USG%/25.1 PER WS: 0.1 (D+/-): [-1.9]

This week I decided to include each players win share, as well as defensive box plus/minus, which are in the bold. “Win shares is an estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player due to his offense and defense.” “Defensive box plus/minus is a box score estimate of the defensive points per 100 possessions a player contributed above a league-average player, translated to an average team.”

Some things that stand out, George Conditt IV has the second highest win shares on the team, while averaging the sixth most minutes per game. Michael Jacobson continues to find efficiency while he has been on the floor this season. Overall, it was clearly a tough loss for the Cyclones, Thursday night, but it is a VERY long season, and there is a lot of games left to play.

Previewing Week 7 for Iowa State:

*Iowa State is off this week, due to final exams in the classroom.*