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Bacon Bits: Iowa State Football Recruiting Notes

A few crootin’ nuggets

Hey Cyclone fans, I hope you are hungry. Hungry for some bacon, because who the hell isn’t always hungry for bacon? Ok, it isn’t real bacon, but this is my feature for Iowa State football recruiting tidbits I have during the week. Anything on my mind or anything that doesn’t go on my recruiting big boards will be posted here as “Bacon Bits”. Whether you like it crispy, chewy or somewhere in-between. There is always something for everyone.

I know it’s been too long since I have done one of these but with the season wrapping up, I am going to have more time on my hands. Since the last post, there have been TONS of offers flying out so I will just go ahead and let you know what these new offers mean to all these guys. There were several that I couldn’t catch up with, but I want to tell you about the ones who I did speak with. Keep in mind, the dead period starts on Monday December 16th and will last until mid-January and, remember that the early signing period starts on Wednesday December 18th.

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New Offers


2021 TE Michael Trigg (Lake Wales, FL): “I am very happy to have an opportunity to play there.”

2021 TE Garret Gillette (Mukwonago, WI): “I am very honored to receive the offer and excited to learn more about Iowa State. They use the tight ends more than anyone else in the Big 12 and that’s awesome!”

2021 TE Joe Alt (Minneapolis, MN): “I am very excited. I had a great visit and I look forward to learning more about Iowa State.”

2021 WR Keagan Johnson (Bellevue, NE): “Speechless! Still trying to take it all in!”

2021 ATH Arland Bruce IV (Olathe, KS): “Very grateful they believed in me to offer a full ride scholarship and make a difference in their program.”

2021 ATH Tyreek Chappell (Philadelphia, PA): “It’s great and I need to take a visit to learn more about the program.”

2021 OLB Gavin Barthiel (Lakeland, FL): “I am just really excited to have an opportunity to play at a school like Iowa State.”

2021 ATH Jamari Gassett (Tampa, FL): “Very grateful and honored to be able to get an offer coming from the head coach.”

2021 S Benjamin Perry (Chicago, IL): “My first thought was, I have the opportunity to play in the Big 12 conference. I conference I have been watching on TV since I was a little kid and now it’s a dream come true.”


2022 OT Deshawn Woods (Omaha, NE): “It was my first offer and that is good, but the coaching staff just felt amazing.”

2022 TE Micah Riley (Bellevue, NE): “It was super exciting. I have been to Iowa State multiple times with my older brothers during their visits and camps, so it was very cool to get some love too.”

2022 OLB/DE Devon Jackson (Omaha, NE): “It was a good feeling that I have an opportunity to play football there.”

2022 WR Quinton Conley (Kansas City, MO): “I knew that Iowa State was on some of my friends’ radar and that they have been going to some of their games so it’s exciting for me to get an offer from there.”

2022 TE Tony Livingston (Tampa, FL): “I was very happy when I got the offer. I love the way they run the program there.”

2022 WDE Tyson Ford (Saint Louis, MO): “I am blessed an honored to receive an offer this caliber of a school this early in my high school career. It’s just a humbling experience and it just makes me want to work even harder for these coaches.”