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The Mid-Morning Dump: 7:30 a.m. Finals Are The Bane to My Batman Edition

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Damn you, morning finals.


ACCOLADE-LADEN ATHLETE. Brilliant basketballer. Certified competitor.

DEFINITE DISRESPECT. Exceptional, even, elite end & engineer.

FOOTBALL FOE. Good Grief, (South Bend Tribune’s Eric) Hansen has h’accomplished h’this h’alphabet.

I’M IMPRESSED. Just’s journalism justly jaws knowingness kindly lingers loosely l’on landlubber l’armslinger.


MILWAUKEE’S NIGHTMARE. No Dončić? Offensively on-it.

PEDs QUEUE ROSTER SWITCH, SEE: SEATTLE. Terrible truth (yo)u’ll uncover.

VICIS VERILY WAYSIDE? Xounds xlike Xenith? Yep.