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National Cyning Day Recap: Secondary

Iowa State’s secondary will have its fair share of returning starters, but there’s four new faces.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa State’s secondary is anchored by first team All-Big 12 Greg Eisworth, who will be returning next year. The only two seniors in the secondary are Braxton Lewis, and grad transfer Justin Bickham. With a proven secondary, not all of these guys will see the field their freshman year, but one or two could make a big splash.

Craig McDonald - Safety

McDonald is a three star safety out of Minnesota. His size is college-ready at 6’2 190 pounds. McDonald will be enrolling early, getting some vital practice time this spring and summer. If McDonald impresses the coaches, he could be contending for playing time come next fall.

Jordyn Morgan - Safety

The first of two safety recruits out of the San Antonio area, Morgan is another three star recruit that will also be enrolling early this winter. Morgan is a little smaller, and perhaps more of a work in progress, but early exposure to the weight room will go a long way. Morgan played wide receiver in high school, which becomes obvious in his film.

Mason Chambers - Safety

Chambers is the second safety out of the San Antonio area. Chambers is a similar size to Morgan, and they were ranked near each other in their class, with falling in the 80’s for best safety recruits in the nation. Chambers will also be enrolling early. Also, may I suggest this video that has a rather hard hitting beginning.

Michal Antoine - Cornerback

Because of the current depth at cornerback, the Cyclones didn’t feel the need to recruit that position super hard. Ft. Lauderdale-native Michal Antoine was the main target at the position, and he committed before he even visited Iowa State.