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The Mid-Morning Dump: I Should Really Start Packing Edition

The second tallest Jared in Cyclone media is a real lackadaisical packer, oops.

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LAZARD LONGFORM. Wes Hodkiewicz, over on, has a really good piece about how our favorite Packer got to where he is.

NO SOFTCOVER HERE. Ian Book is a quite good quarterback per the better version of the Tribune.

WHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE OVERLOOKED? On The Athletic, Purdy quarterback talks about the very same question when it comes to being overlooked during the early signing period.


Keep an eye out for yours truly down in Orlando, and please say hi if you so wish!

HE’S BACK. Beast Mode is back in time for playoffs, will he help Seattle?

ON TAP. Hawai‘i is taking on BYU tonight in the Hawai‘i Bowl at 7 p.m.

EIGHT-SIX. Maple Leafs had a high scoring game against the Islanders the other day.