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This Week in GIFs: Kansas State

This was not fun to put together.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The weather in Manhattan was not pleasant.

And the start of the game wasn’t either, as Joshua Youngblood returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown.

Thankfully, the Cyclones rebounded with 3 drives that went absolutely no where.

Wasting good field position is always fun.

Cyclone receivers had a rough night catching the football.

And the Cyclone defense had a rough night trying to stop Jordon Brown.

There would be signs of life before halftime, with the Cyclones tying the game at 14 before the half.

The second half was, well.

Watching kickers try to kick in the wind was entertaining.

Before long, the Wildcats began to run all over the Cyclones, building a 10 point lead.

Self-inflicted penalties proved to be too costly to mount a comeback.

Lets take a look at the offensive line one second before the snap.

In all, the effort on Saturday was not great, and the result was disastrous.

Let’s just put this game to rest.

And focus on... coaching rumors.