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The Mid-Morning Dump: Campbell Carousel Edition

Who’s on it? Not us.


CYNING DAY CELEBRATION. Have an open evening on December 18th? Join HC Matt Campbell and co. Wednesday (the 18th) evening for a recruiting celebration.

TIGHT END U. Pro Football Focus named Charlie Kolar a Second Team All-American.

BOWL PROJECTIONS. Lots of projections still have Iowa State going back to Memphis.

MISSED KICK STATS. Allegedly, Alabama misses more field goals than most in college football.

TIP DRILL FERDA. The Vikings executed the tip drill perfectly and somehow Anthony Harris housed this.

SKWAH. The Atlanta Hawks absolutely demolished Golden State last night in a 104-79 win.

2002 CRUCIAL.COM HUMANITARIAN BOWL WINNING OC STEPS DOWN. Chris Petersen retired as head coach of the Washington Huskies the other day.