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The Mid Morning Dump: Your Attendance Is Requested

Put your feet in a seat

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IOWA STATE WON LAST NIGHT against the ‘Roos and in large part, that was thanks to the play of Mike Jacobson.


BOLTON MAY HAVE HAD A QUIET FIRST but his 19 points in the second half were a difference maker for Iowa State last night.

EVEN THOUGH THE STARTERS REMAIN UNCHANGED the play of George Conditt may cause Prohm to to look at upping his minutes or possibly even adding him to the starting line up.

TRYING TO MAKE WINTER TRAVEL PLANS? Here’s a good look at trying to figure out where the Clones may end up bowling this December.


IOWA STATE WRESLING IS IN NEVADA and the #11 Cyclones have a loaded slate ahead of them while in Vegas. All info can be found here.

THE BUCKEYES MANAGED TO TROUNCE THE TARHEELS last night in a game that a lot of people thought would be more contested than it finished.

KING JAMES WENT FOR A WALK AND THEN SOME in a rout of the Utah Jazz:

DEPAUL REMAINS UNBEATEN after a hot 8-0 start, the Chicago homed university still stays as one of the few teams left in the nation with a perfect record.

MEET DON CORNELLI the Fox cameraman who brings America the best shots during NFL broadcasts.

SEAN MCVAY CLAIMS HE’S NO LONGER AN IDIOT and that Gurley’s increased role with the Ram’s is because of his new founded lack of idiocy.

NO ONE LIKES GETTING HANDED A PINK SLIP but here’s five coaches all sharing a fifth of the NFL’s proverbial Hot Seat.