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Iowa State Knocks Off #16 Seton Hall 76-66

The Cyclones took down the 16th ranked Pirates in a barn burner.

The Cyclones just took on the 16th ranked Pirates from Seton Hall for the second time in three games, this time in an out of conference showdown.

The first big home game of the season caused a sloppy start for Iowa State offensively. Fortunately Seton Hall was not much better and Iowa State only trailed 11-6 with 10:04 remaining in the first half. Seton Hall would also lose their second leading scorer Sandro Mamukelashvili for the rest of the contest due to an apparent lower body injury.

The Cyclones were able to close out the first half on fire- off of the bench, George Conditt IV added 10 points and five rebounds, while being very active on the defensive end with a couple of monster stops. On the other side, Seton Hall’s star guard Myles Powell added eight points and six boards. Iowa State led 28-26 heading into the second 20 minutes.

Solomon Young scored six quick points as ISU maintained a two point lead 36-34, heading into the first TV time out of the second half.

Myles Powell began heating up for Seton Hall, as he kept knocking down big shots making adding to his total of 16 for the game. As Seton Hall stayed in the game down 50-51 with just under seven left.

The Cyclones began to lean heavily on their guar play down the stretch. Tyrese Haliburton was hitting big shots on the offensive end. While Prentiss Nixon was locking down Myles Powell on the defensive end.

Iowa State was able to overcome another night of poor three-point shooting-to secure their biggest win of the season 76-66 over 16th ranked Seton Hall.

The Cyclones will take on Iowa next Thursday night in Ames.