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The Mid Morning Dump: A Cyclone Kind of Weekend

The basketball team won and the football team is going to Disney World!

AAARGGH MATEY! Iowa State overcame the sloppiest first half of all time in a 76-66 win over #16 Seton Hall.

HIGHLIGHTS Check for some cool dunks by Conditt and passes by Haliburton!

RUDY WHO?? Iowa State got selected by the Camping World Bowl to face Notre Dame.

EMIVPO (EVERY MAN IS VERY PISSED OFF) K-State fans didn’t react well to Iowa State being chose over them. (Look at the replies to this tweet.)


EL OH EL Nebraska is a joke.

DYSFUNCTINAL The Browns might be in some trouble.

YIKES Anthony Davis hit 50 points and this team looks unstoppable.

RIP Rapper, Juice Wrld passed away at the age of 21.