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Iowa State MBB Analytics Report - Week Five (12/9/19)

Read about notable analytical stats for Iowa State as a team, as well as individual players.

photo via: Collin Maguire/Iowa State Daily

You can read last weeks analytics report here.

Last Week’s Notable Iowa State Game News:

Dec. 4th: Dec. 4th: Iowa State (4-3): 79 vs. UMKC (5-4): 61

Iowa State’s first game following their trip to the Bahamas was against UMKC from the WAC. You could tell this was their first game after their holiday vacation. The Cyclones started out very slow–only leading by six at the half, against the 249th ranked team in the country. I credit this slightly to the scary atmosphere in the Coliseum, but that is still no excuse for their first half performance.

The Cyclones eventually turned it on in the second half, outscoring the Kangaroos 42-30. Tyrese Haliburton, Michael Jacobson, and Rasir Bolton all lead the team scoring 19 points a piece.

Dec 9th: Iowa State (5-3): 76 vs. #16 Seton Hall (5-2): 66

The Cyclones came to play in their early season rematch with Seton Hall. Prentiss Nixon did a terrific job shutting down one of the best guard in the country Myles Powell, holding him to 7/20 shooting and only 19 points from the field. On the offensive end George Conditt IV and Tyrese Haliburton were able to continue their wildly efficient ways, scoring 17 points each on only 20 total shots. ISU was able to overcome another poor night from behind the arc, to pick up a resume building win, that will help dramatically come March.

Notable Iowa State Team Stats:

Currently 31st ranked team in the country on KenPom *(compared to 39th last week)

29th in adjusted offensive efficiency (109.6) *(compared to 22nd last week)

55th in adjusted defensive efficiency (94.0) *(compared 72nd last week)

Notable Iowa State Individual Stats:

George Conditt is 4th in the country in BLK% (16.9) *outside of top 10 last week

George Conditt is 5th in the country in 2 point FG% (79.1) *7th last week

Tyrese Haliburton remains 11th in the country in AST% (41.2)

Tyrese Haliburton fell to 4th in the country in APG (8.6) *2nd last week

Tyrese Haliburton remains tied for 7th in the country in SPG (3.0)

Player by Player Efficiency:

Tyrese Haliburton—> 20.7 USG%/29.0 PER (19.9/29.2)

Solomon Young—> 24.1 USG%/19.2 PER (23.8/20.1)

Rasir Bolton—> 24.6 USG%/19.4 PER (24.9/18.5)

Michael Jacobson—> 17.5 USG%/PER 18.2 (17.3/14.3)

Prentiss Nixon—> 20.5 USG%/10.5 PER (20.7/11.6)

George Conditt—> 21.3 USG%/33.7 PER (20.7/32.5)

Zion Griffin—> 21.6 USG%/13.6 PER (21.9/17.0)

Caleb Grill—> 10.4 USG%/13.9 PER (11.7/17.5)

Tre Jackson—> 13.7 USG%/9.5 PER (14.3/9.1)

The biggest change of the week, was Michael Jacobson’s PER rising back up to a respectable 18.2 after his 19 point performance against UMKC. Prentiss Nixon’s struggles on the offensive end continue to bring down his efficiency, but his defensive prowess will continue to get him playing time. In a big “prove it” week the Cyclones came to play.

Previewing Week 6 for Iowa State:

Dec. 12th: Iowa State (6-3) vs. Iowa (6-3)

Iowa State has their in-state battle this week in the CyHawk Showdown with the irrelevant school in Iowa. The Hawkeyes come in as the 42nd ranked team in the country on KenPom. They are the fourth ranked team in offensive efficiency in the entire country... yes you read that right. Fran McCaffrey has his team attempting nearly 23 three pointers a game. On the other hand they’re ranked as the 134th team in the country in defensive efficiency. This looks to be a game where the Cyclones might have to start hitting their three point shots if they want to keep up with Iowa. The Hawkeyes leading scorer is junior, big man, Luka Garza who is coming off of a 44 point performance against Michigan. Garza is averaging 22.7 points and 9.8 rebounds. He is also sixth in the country in PER (34.7). Iowa State’s quartet of big men will have their hands full against one of the best in the country.