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How The Game Was Lost: TCU

Amidst an off shooting day and not so-tough-defense, the Horned Frogs blinded the Cyclones at home with their stalwart blood shooting eyes. But remember, there is always banana cream Reese’s cup pie. And beer. Lots of beer.

Saturday was an off-day for the Cyclones. Or was it?

A lot of questions surround this loss AT HOME to TCU. Texas Christian was ranked early in the season as high at #18 in Week 3, but haven’t been since. Early season rankings can be taken with a grain of salt, but still speak potential of teams with clear display of the ability to be there. Regardless, if we based off early season to now, TCU was better than us on paper. But time as proven that wrong.

There’s been a lot frustration from players and fan alike, but it was one game. We must move on in order to attain what we all know we can. However, let’s take a few minutes a look at how this game was lost.

The game started off slow but with Iowa State leading the way for a few minutes early in the first half. Jamie Dixon and his combed-back toupee got T’d up and Shayok did what Shayok does and buried two free throws. The game itself still felt uneasy for a little while. ISU increased their lead to their game high by 9, and Dixon got T’d up AGAIN. Well, that’s what the announcers thought.

It ended up being an overenthusiastic referee signaling a timeout and Dixon taking an over dramatic drink of high quality H2O. But it was after that timeout that the game completely shifted. TCU would go on a nightmare of a run, 20-2, and the ‘Clones just could never quite recover from that.

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Iowa State came through on their free throws shooting 83.3%. So that was good. FG for the game was 45.2%, which is slightly less than season average of 48.1%. So not a horrible shooting day from inside the arc. Outside of the arc on the other hand was a struggle. We shot 29.2% where as our season average is 36%. Granted, again, percentage is not terribly alarming. Then again when ya’ look at TCU’s FG of 53.2% and 3PT of 44.4%, that ousted the Cyclones. All of our shots either seemed to be forced and wide open where the ball just couldn’t fall in the hole. TCU made some circus twist layups and shots that left our defense frustrated.

Speaking of defense. This may have been a slab of banana cream Reese’s cup pie during a week of dieting for me. It was our weakness this game. We didn’t need the announcers to make us aware of it, but they pointed out early that you cannot sleep on defense, no matter the game. It seemed that our lack of shooting affected our defense. I believe it did.

During the post-game interviews, Shayok, who lead ISU with 24 points, was asked about shots not falling and it affecting their defense. Check out the interviews here. Shayok stated, “No, not really. We just weren’t as focused and locked in like normally are.” When asked about the bye week Shayok stated, “We are gonna need to come together a team and learn from it.”

TCU also had a great game plan and knew how to shut down our offense and slow us down. Iowa State cut the 19 point deficient to FIVE POINTS, but just couldn’t quite overcome it. Even down 5 with erasing that daunting 19 points, TCU just seemed to have a hold on us at Hilton. Jacobson went 8-10 FG with 16 points. When we found him, our offense clicked. We just needed a few more outside shots and stops on defense.

Prohm proably said it best with, ““This league will humble you quick. We got humbled today. We’ve got to get better from it.”

Iowa State scored 83 points and lost. Yeah, shooting percentage was down, but not a total shit show. It was just the lack of defense and TCU’s ability to slow us down. Shit happens. Wins are gonna happen, and losses are gonna happen. Time to regroup and move on. Bring on the cats!

Carry On! Go Cyclones!