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The Mid-Morning Dump: Baylor Comes to Town Tonight

In a similar vein to Levi, I’ll be having a guess the band in this dump.

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BEFORE THE CALM. #19 Iowa State take’s on Baylor tonight, check out a preview here.

WHAT DID THEY ASK YOU? 1991-95 player and 2010-15 head coach Fred Hoiberg visited the team yesterday and will be in attendance vs. Baylor tonight.

THE APPLE OF MY EYE. Bridget Carleton has netted her fourth Big 12 Conference Player of the Week honors this season.

FOR NOW I AM WINTER. The Cyclone State is expected to get another round of snow tonight.

23:52. A similar amount of time to how long West Virginia hung around #23 Kansas State last night.

THROUGH THE SCREEN. TCU didn’t match up well with Oklahoma State zone-ish defense and lost 68 to 61.

LOST SONG. The mothership went on a deep dive on Mr. Potato from the Peppa Pig series.

NOT ALONE. 2020 presidential Kirsten Gillibrand visited The Airliner in Iowa City when either a supporter or a patron of the store had to sneak by her.