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The Mid-Morning Dump: That Was Ugly

Will the real men’s basketball team please stand up?

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THAT’S DISAPPOINTING In what could (and should) have been a big win, MBB dropped yet another home game.

THE WAND IS SPUTTERING Uncle Randy writes how Hilton Magic has mysteriously disappeared.

MARCH IS LOOMING There is a lot to improve if this team is to have any chance in March.

CREDIT WHERE DUE The Bears had a number of unfamiliar faces step up in a tough situation.

TOUGHEN UP Steve Prohm needs to see more grit from his team.

EARLY HOOPS The women’s basketball team has an early start in Norman today.

YOU CAN’T DO THAT MLB is reportedly putting measures in place to prevent sign stealing.

AWKWARD Former Minnesota coach Jerry Kill has some not-so-nice things to say about the current state of the program.

GOD SAVE THE KING The Lakers may be concerned about LeBron’s health.